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Isaiah "Zay" Salazar

My name is Isaiah Salazar also known as Zayfade. I am a barber located in Utah, and I am currently the manager at Tailored Barber Co. in Roy, Ut.

I started cutting hair when i was about 16. My cousin Joe was cutting mine and all of my cousins hair back then. He wanted to look fresh for the weekend like we did so he kinda taught me to cut his hair. That's kinda where it all started. He's actually the owner of the shop that I work for now. Life is crazy when it goes full circle. 

At the age of 18 i had a son (Iziak) and 6 months in, he got his first cut.:) Iziak is 10 now and hes never even been to another barber. He's how I developed the skills that I possess today. 

Having a kid at a young age pushed me into adult hood faster than i would have liked to. But truthfully my life wasn't going in the best direction and i believe my faith & my son saved me from a road, i'm thankful I didn't go down. 

So there I am, 17 and a baby on the way. Forced to be a man and provide for my family.

So I got a job.

I worked at Mcdonalds for 2 years! lol

Fast forward, so now i'm 20. My friend says he can help me with a better job and he did, and i got comfortable. Way to comfortable.

I worked my way up in the company. Became a supervisor, bought a house, built my credit  by opening credit cards and then i spent more money than i was making.

By the time i was 26 i would find myself miserable, broke, in debt, and lost.

I needed to restart.

So I would eventually sell my house, and move back in with my parents. By this time i was cutting friends, and some family. 

One day my dad asked me "Do you really want to do this? (cut hair) I told him yeah! and he said he would put me through school. 

I started school in June 2019 and finished in a little over 7 months. I graduated on a Friday and was in the barbershop the following Tuesday.

I have a burning desire to be the best version of myself. I hope your with me to see what that looks like.

Welcome to my barber journey.

And I am just getting started! ;)

God  Bless

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