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Focus on the middle

As you read the title I bet you’re wondering what the heck does that even mean? Focus on the middle? Well......You. Me. Us. Them. We’re all living in the middle. In the middle of our story. In our lives we have a beginning, the middle which is us right now as you are reading this and as I’m writing this. Well by the time you are reading this i May be in a different middle of my life, or maybe I’ve reached the end of my story. As I’m getting older I can see that life is that unpredictable. And tomorrow really isn’t promised.

Either way, in our lives there’s a beginning, middle, and end. And I want YOU focus on the middle. I know sometimes, "right now" seems a little messy, and wanting the past back is easier and looking to the future can be more comforting. But focus on where you are at right now at this very moment. Your family. Your kids. Your friends. Your life. I think sometimes we get so distracted by what happened. Our past. We want things to be the way that they used to be and we put so much time and energy in trying to repeat the past that we totally miss what’s happening right now. Or the complete opposite, and the past has crippled us and we can’t move forward because our past haunts us. Because I’m a movie lover I always put it in this perspective. Have you ever been watching a movie and suddenly you realize you spaced out and now you are wondering what happened in the last 5 minutes of the movie. You’re asking your significant other, friend, or kids that’s watching it with you, “what happened?” And now your missing what’s happening in the present because you are so focused on what had happened before that moment. I do this all the time! Or in the same analogy the movie seems to be so predictable that we start thinking about what’s about to happen. We start finishing the story and how we think it’s going to end in our head while the movie is only 30 min in! We are so set on what we want in life. What we want to achieve, our goals and we miss the now! Kids growing up. Parents getting older. And We’re missing it. I'm guilty of this. My mind gets so distracted with what I had before. The things I lost. And now i'm plotting on how I’m going to get them things back and what I need to do to obtain what I want in the future. And I’m missing the now. This isn’t for you as much as it is for me. But I do want to encourage you to live now. Not in the past, nor the future. But live NOW! In the present. Today is a gift. Live, today. Love today. Love Zay

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