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My name is Rhett Child and I am a Barber at Empyre barbershop. right now I live in
Brigham city, Utah but Pleasant View, Utah is my hometown.
I'm just trying to put out good haircuts make people look and feel good.
I also care a lot about mental health and that’s my biggest thing about cutting hair someone who sits down in my chair and is willing to open up I do my absolute best to help them and that’s what I believe is my personal brand.
I see my self as a humble person who cares for people and about people, I care a lot about my relationships with the people I'm closest to. at times I can be selfish but I do my best always to stay humble and care for others.
my Professional goals..
I’m trying to be booked out everyday & weeks out. some personal goals.. I’m trying to become a big content creator on YouTube and a big steamer on twitch.
A relevant achievement is I just bought my first home at 21 and I’d say that’s a pretty big step for me personally!
My hobbies are I love sports outdoors things such as going to the lake, hammocking, fishing, hiking, and things like that. And I absolutely love playing video games!

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