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Why are you here?

No, really.. Why are you here? On this earth? Do you have purpose? These are the questions i would always ask myself. To be honest i still do. I think i ask myself this question because it helps me to dig deep inside and clarify what i truly want in this life. I believe a lot of people struggle with this thought. This question. "What is my purpose?" The truth is we all have purpose. You are more! Remember that when you think that you don't matter. You're special and if you are still here, breathing, you have purpose. You just need to dig deep and find out what you were put on this earth to do. I found that in cutting hair. As weird as it sounds, i believe that with all my heart. I believe that there are people out there that need to sit in my chair and get some things of their chest. And i'm all ears! I believe I can help people. I love people! Yeah, some people can be a little difficult at times, but that doesn't change the love that i feel for people. I didn't know i would end up behind a barber chair doing it, but i always knew that i wanted to help people. And this is how i will live out my purpose.

Love Zay.

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